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About Us

Bethel Bible Village

Our History

Our story began in 1954, with six boys living in cardboard boxes because their father was in prison and their mother was living in a facility and was not available to care for them. Floyd Hipp, a prison minister, realized something had to be done for children who were not legally “orphans,” but had no parent to care for them. He opened a home for those six boys and our ministry has grown from there.

For 60+ years we have witnessed how Rev. Hipp’s faith-based approach can help young people in crisis. We accept children and teens of any faith, as well as those who have no faith-based connection. 

Over the years Bethel moved from its original location on Signal Mountain to its current campus in Hixson, thanks to a generous donation of land. 


Keeping up with the Times

While some of the children and teens we care for have a parent in prison, we also open our doors to children whose lives are threatened by more contemporary issues. These include the impact of the opioid epidemic, which  can leave children parentless.

Bethel’s leaders also saw the need to help children and teens who become lost and in trouble, often due to unaddressed behavioral or emotional issues. 

Our strict licensing and financial policies ensure that we provide a safe environment for children and financial accountability to those who fund our ministry.

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A Faith-Based Ministry

At Bethel Bible Village, we believe that if we are going to accomplish a true turnaround in young people’s lives and hearts, they need to understand that God loves them, sends people to care for them, and has a plan for their lives.

Bethel is non-denominational and we partner with many different churches in the Chattanooga tri-state region.

Learn more about our Christ-centered Vision, Mission and Values.


An Accredited Campus School

Our campus school helps at-risk youth catch up in their studies and earn a diploma, while receiving the counseling and social services they may need to succeed. No other children’s home in our region offers this valuable resource.  Our school is fully accredited by AdvanceEd.

Laptop computers are an important part of our school. To prevent the “digital divide” that leaves lower-income teens at a severe disadvantage in the job market, we equip every student with the computer skills needed for today’s world of work.


Affordable for All

As our founder knew well, many children and families in crisis lack the financial resources to get help. We ask families or legal guardians to help with the cost of care when they are able to do so, however we do not turn a child away for a lack of finances.

Bethel’s residential programs do not receive any government funds. Thanks to generous donors, organizations, church partners and  foundations, we are able to provide resources for all of a child’s needs, including housing, food, counseling, education, and spiritual guidance.


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