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Our On-Campus School

Bethel Christian Academy  is an on-campus school serving middle and high school students living at Bethel Bible Village. The academic program is specialized to meet the needs of tweens and teens whose education has been derailed by difficult circumstances, such as truancy or early delinquency, or because they live in homes where abuse, negligence or substance abuse have made it impossible to focus on school work. Pregnant and  teen moms also attend our school on campus, so they can complete their education while working through the challenges of single parenthood.

The curriculum is compatible with the Hamilton County course of study, with an added focus on individual needs, life skills and spiritual growth.

Class sizes range between 3 -12 students per teacher, with a strong focus on individual attention for each student. We use assessments completed at enrollment to create a customized education plan for each student, including:

  • Remedial classes are available to those students who are behind and every effort is made to bring the student up to grade level.
  • Enrichment opportunities, which are available to those students who are at or above grade level. State mandated testing is done following
  • Student achievement updates, which are  are sent to parents/guardians regularly according to state guidelines.
  • Accurate academic records, which are forwarded with the student at discharge.
  • Most credits are transferable. Some students continue at our school until graduation.

A Comprehensive Team Approach

Bethel Christian Academy staff members participate in all planning and team meetings regarding students to ensure that the student, social worker, parents/guardians, teachers, and houseparents are working toward the same goals and objectives during placement at Bethel.

Our school also includes a therapy room, which is equipped with many therapeutic tools used by students and their counselors during the school day. Each student has a social worker available as a resource for crisis intervention, referrals, and other needs that arise. Bethel Christian Academy also  partners with many area service providers to further enhance our students’ experience.

Resources and Technology

At Bethel Christian Academy is equipped with the technology tools today’s students need to succeed. Our students work on computers, Smartboards, overhead projectors, internet-based software, and digital microscopes. We also use a secure, cloud-based database for student records.

Certified Tutors
Professional tutors work with the students in small groups, or individually, to provide skill-building and remediation assistance.  The tutors hired by Bethel are certified teachers or teacher’s assistants. Students interested in getting their GED or in going to college are given support in filling out applications, taking necessary tests, and applying for grant money and scholarships.

Life Skills
Our students who are 14-17 years old receive a career assessment and comprehensive weekly instruction in Independent Living Skills.

If you would like to learn more about Bethel Christian Academy contact Robin Moss.