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Action Plus Prayer: Why We Need Both

Jenny Vowell

Principal, Bethel Christian Academy at Bethel Bible Village

Jenny holds a BGS from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and an MS in Psychology and Counseling from Troy State University. Recently, she earned an EDS as Educational Specialist, Instructional Technology from Kennesaw State University, where she is a doctoral candidate. Prior to Bethel, she worked for fifteen years in the field of Georgia public education at Chickamauga City Schools and at Calhoun City Schools. She has also worked in the field of mental health as a child and adolescent therapist.

Action Plus Prayer: Why We Need Both

Bethel Christian Academy Principal Jenny Vowell discusses the Internet call for “Action not Prayer,” in response to school shootings.

She explains why we must call for action, but we cannot forget the power of prayer.

Jenny also offers valuable advice for parents from her point of view as both an educator and a Christian parent.



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