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Admission Information

Bethel uses a simple 3-step admission process.

  1. For children age 5-17 or pregnant teens/teen moms, the legal guardian fills out this Application. Single parents or families over age 18 who are in need of emergency transitional housing, please use this Next Step Application.
  2. Bethel’s admission team meets with the guardian or family members
  3. The admission team meets to make sure Bethel is the right fit.

 To submit the application:

  • Send it via email to, or
  • Fax it to 423-842-5785 , or
  • Bring it by our office. Bethel is located at 3001 Hamill Rd. in Hixson, TN, 37343

Have a question? Call us at (423) 842-5757.

Children or teens may be referred to Bethel by a family member, the courts, counselors  social workers, schools or other organizations. However, the person who has legal custody of the child needs to approve the placement and sign the admission paperwork. single parents or families over 18 seeking emergency transitional housing can fill out the application for themselves.

Is Bethel the right fit?

These are the typical reasons children or teens ages 5-17 find help at Bethel:

  • Need a temporary stable home and care due to economic or legal situations such as a parent in jail, homelessness, or family illness
  • Need more structure and supervision because of a guardian’s work schedule
  • Need a temporary placement so a family or parent can avoid losing custody or to avoid disrupting an adoption
  • Are living in a family experiencing heavy conflict and emotional stress, at a level that requires some time apart
  • Have completed a higher level of care program but currently are not able to return home
  • Struggle to make appropriate choices when faced with negative peer pressure
  • Need training in social skills, peer interaction or relationships with authority figures
  • Struggle with grades, school behavior, or truancy
  • Have started down a path to delinquency, but this is not become a “hard core” lifestyle

Bethel’s admission team may grant exceptions for those who don’t meet all the criteria, but would be best served at Bethel due to special circumstances.

Please note:

  • Family involvement is a central part of Bethel’s programs. Therefore it is necessary for a child’s parent/legal guardian to be able to get to our campus for visits and other family activities a couple times each month..
  • Children with an I.Q. below 80 need special education services that Bethel cannot provide, however we can help refer you to an agency best suited to provide special care.

There are some challenges that require care Bethel is not equipped to provide. See the list  If Bethel is not the right fit for any of these reasons, our staff can help you with a referral for appropriate care.

When there is a need to keep siblings together, our Admissions team will consider exceptions to the age requirements.

Bethel Bible Village does not discriminate on the basis of mental or physical handicap, race, color, religion, national origin, age or sex (except where age, sex or mental/physical condition is a bona fide treatment or program criteria).

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