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Bethel offers referral help for families

Bethel Bible Village is not a good fit for children or teens who struggle with the challenges listed below, however Bethel’s admission department can refer your family to appropriate resources. If you need a referral, contact David Shinn.

  • Are dependent upon or addicted to alcohol or other drugs, or who sells or distributes illegal substances to others
  • Have had suicidal or psychotic episodes within the past six months
  • Have recently been discharged from psychiatric inpatient programs or other intensive programs and do not appear to have the self-control necessary for group living in a family-style home
  • Are physically aggressive or violent toward peers, adults, animals or property
  • Have exhibited sexually “acting out” behaviors or is at risk of sexually perpetrating upon others
  • Have medical conditions that require specialized diets, frequent specialized medical care, or 24-hour standby specialized medical care, which would prevent their participation and involvement in similar schedules, responsibilities and activities
  • Are unwilling to work toward changing identified behavior patterns

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