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9 Bible Verses To Equip Your Kids for School

  Kids have always had some reason to be nervous about the new school year, whether it was anxiety about math or fear they wouldn’t be able to find their lockers. But in this era of mass shootings, with bullet-proof backpacks on many student’s wish lists, our kids and grandkids need more assurance and prayer…

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Austin’s Story: From Rebellion to Responsibility

Minus a Father, He Despised Authority Austin has not seen his father since he was a small boy. And by the time he was 16, he had no interest in finding him. At this rebellious stage of his life, his father would be just another authority figure, and Austin had zero respect for anyone in…

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Sarah’s story: “I probably wouldn’t have finished school…”

Sarah was just 12 years old when her mom died on Christmas Day. After that, she never wanted to celebrate Christmas. She was mad at God and the world. She had no interest in school and she frequently missed classes. When Sarah became pregnant at age 15, she lost interest in school altogether, and when her…

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