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A mom talks to her young daughter
7 Tips for Talking To Kids about Tragic Events

One of the hardest things to discuss with our children is when tragic events happen to other children, especially when those events occur close to home. They may feel sad, frightened or even angered by the news. To help you navigate these difficult conversations, here are some helpful things to keep in mind: 1. When…

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When Families Reach the End of Their Rope

How do families find hope and help for teen boys who are out of control and headed down a bad path? Finding the help you need.

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Responding to Violence as Christians

How do we cope to a week of violence like this one? Dallas is reeling over the attacks on its police, Louisiana and Minnesota are shocked by video of two individuals killed by police officers, and in our own city, ten people were shot, two of them fatally, all in one week. For Chattanoogans, it…

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Summer Fashions & Modesty

Summer Fashions & Modesty: 3 Tips for Talking To Teens (without the eye roll) When I look at old pictures of myself in family photo albums I often wonder, what I was thinking when I chose certain outfits. In my generation, halter tops and hip huggers with stack heels were the fashion themes of the…

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The Social Media Gateway to Guns and Gangs

The mom was distraught. She asked me, “What could I have done to keep my child safe?” The problem was, there were many things she could have done to keep her son protected on social media, but she was asking the question way too late. For years, her son had a social media account that…

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When School Feels Like a Scary Place

“I don’t want to go to school.” They are words every parent hears from time to time, but this week’s news coverage of threats made against local schools has raised the level of school anxiety for many children and teens. Locally, police and school authorities have investigated each incident and declared our schools to be…

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What’s “Normal” Behavior? A Checklist for Parents

“Is my teen normal?” It’s a question we often hear from parents. Many parents struggle to understand which behaviors are “typical,” and which ones are cause for concern. While there is no real “normal,” there are some behaviors that are fairly typical and some that are red flags that may signal a need for help….

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