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The Way To a Boy’s Heart (and Soul)

Photo: Marc and Tessa Cadet and their daughters. The Cadets are House Parents in Bethel’s McCallie Cottage for boys.   “Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”   1 Corinthians 10:31   When Marc Cadet was growing up in Haiti, he loved spending time in the…

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LeAnn’s story: Bethel Was My Saving Grace

Photos: LeAnn as a child at Bethel, seated at left, and today with her husband of 18 years.   She was a beautiful little girl with a dreamy smile. But she was living in a nightmare of abuse, and neglect that left her severely traumatized. “Bethel saved me from a life of abuse,” LeAnn recalled. “Every…

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Christopher’s Story: The Table Love Built

His home had no kitchen table. It was something 16-year-old Christopher never really thought about until he came to stay at Bethel during a rough patch in life and a broken relationship with his family. Christopher told his House Parents, Stacey and Scott Ruggles, that one of the things he liked best about Bethel was…

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Latisha’s Story: A Great Life Began at Bethel

When Latisha was 6 years old, her mom succumbed to a mental illness and lost the ability to care for her. “We had no running water or electricity or food in the house. I only ate when I was at school” Latisha recalled. “I didn’t know other kids didn’t live that way.” It was a…

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Trusting God in “The Blob” Moments

“The Blob” at summer camp was so scary it was keeping 13-year-old Veronica up at night. Find out how she conquered her fear, in this week’s Bethel Blog.

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Father’s Day Tips from Bethel Dads

Fatherhood is a noble calling, whether you are a biological father, an adoptive or step father, or just play a fatherly role in a child’s life. How can you make a meaningful difference? Our campus experts share their wisdom and tips. Find the Right Balance Bethel House Parent Billy Ward Always be firm but loving….

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We Have This Hope

Recently we asked our kids a compelling question: What is your hope? Some of them told us about their hopes and dreams for the future. Some shared what they hope to gain at Bethel. And some of our kids shared really big hopes and dreams – major league dreams!     As the discussion got…

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Marc Cadet
A Purposeful Approach to Building Character

My wife Tessa and I are constantly looking for diverse ways to teach the boys in our Bethel cottage about how to interact with one another. Our goal is for them to interact amongst themselves with the utmost respect, attentiveness, and consideration whilst enjoying each other’s company. My wife recently came up with the brilliant…

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217 Kids and Counting

Floyd and Deborah Richardson have served as House Parents at Bethel for a total of 30 years!   Over the years, 217 kids have called them parents, and they are still going strong.   Their story will inspire you.   Learn more about careers at Bethel Help fund our ministry for kids in crisis Editor’s…

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From Bethel Kid To Baylor Mom

A Journey of Faith, Love and Perseverance Together, they light up a room. Both mother and daughter have a glow about them, engaging smiles and laughter that spills over, binds them together, and covers a multitude of struggles that have brought them to where they are today. Before them stands Baylor School, one of Chattanooga’s…

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