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Why Trusting God Brings Independence

Trusting God means independence from fear, anxiety, and worry about the future. Are you ready for your independence day?

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Young adults making a difference
What Millennials are Doing Right

Millennials sometimes get a bad rap, but at Bethel Bible Village, we see this generation making a difference in a powerful way. Jennifer Morrison explains how, in this week’s Bethel Blog.

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Overcoming Hate with Love

The same hate that is at the root of the Orlando shootings is tearing our nation apart, and children hear a steady stream of it. How to talk to children about hate, and what we can do to overcome it.

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Summer Fashions & Modesty

Summer Fashions & Modesty: 3 Tips for Talking To Teens (without the eye roll) When I look at old pictures of myself in family photo albums I often wonder, what I was thinking when I chose certain outfits. In my generation, halter tops and hip huggers with stack heels were the fashion themes of the…

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God loves you to the moon and back
God Loves You To the Moon and Back

Adam was a small child when he had to be taken from his mom, who was caught up in drug addiction, and his stepfather, who was abusive. His grandparents took him in, but his grandfather died by the time Adam was six. Then Alzheimer’s left his grandmother unable to care for even herself.  So Adam…

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The Gift of Grace

In golf, they call it a Mulligan. It’s a do-over, and it allows you to have a second chance at something that did not go very well. As you might expect, the Mulligan table was a popular place during Bethel’s golf tournament this past weekend. I have often heard people wish for a Mulligan in real life….

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The Social Media Gateway to Guns and Gangs

The mom was distraught. She asked me, “What could I have done to keep my child safe?” The problem was, there were many things she could have done to keep her son protected on social media, but she was asking the question way too late. For years, her son had a social media account that…

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How Does Heaven Look To You?

What do you think of when you picture Heaven? How about a magical and squishy place with pink skies and cloud houses? No, me neither. But those are some of the ways children describe paradise, in the video Heaven: according to kids. The video and its featured song “On the Outskirts of Heaven,” are from…

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When School Feels Like a Scary Place

“I don’t want to go to school.” They are words every parent hears from time to time, but this week’s news coverage of threats made against local schools has raised the level of school anxiety for many children and teens. Locally, police and school authorities have investigated each incident and declared our schools to be…

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The Power of Kindness

There’s a saying making the rounds of the Internet today that urges us to “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” While it has gained a lot of modern popularity, it was first penned by the Rev. John Watson, who was born in 1850. Rev. Watson (who sometimes used the pen…

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