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The Empty Room

By Celia Culbertson, Bethel House Parent To most, you see an empty room, nothing special or unique. What you don’t see is the story behind this “empty” room. You see today one of my boys is going home for good. He slept in this room for the last time last night. You all see an…

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What’s “Normal” Behavior? A Checklist for Parents

“Is my teen normal?” It’s a question we often hear from parents. Many parents struggle to understand which behaviors are “typical,” and which ones are cause for concern. While there is no real “normal,” there are some behaviors that are fairly typical and some that are red flags that may signal a need for help….

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Is My Donation Tax Deductible?

When you give to 501(c)(3) organizations, like Bethel, your gift is typically considered tax deductible, as long as the donation meets certain IRS criteria. For most people, tax laws can be confusing – especially when it comes to certain donations known as “restricted gifts.” So here are some simple tips to help you understand the…

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3 Ways Parents Can Combat Social Media Bullying

  Bullies are not new. They’ve been around since Genesis, when Joseph’s brothers threw him in a pit then sold him into slavery. But for today’s kids, bullying has become even more devastating, because social media has turned bullying into a full-time, 24/7 attack. The bullies are getting into your home. When we were growing…

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Teona’s Story: A Pregnant Teen Finds Hope in Crisis

For Teona, childhood was a place of darkness. Gangs and drugs ran rampant in her neighborhood. Her mom was not able to take care of her and she was abused. Then, she became pregnant. “My guardian never let me see my family, and I was living in a terrible place that was bad for me,”…

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7 Tips for Talking To Kids about Tragic Events

News reports on mass shootings and natural disasters are difficult for adults to process. For children and teens, it can be much harder. How do you talk to them about traumatic events without stirring up more fear? Here is a list of seven helpful tips from Bethel’s team of therapeutic experts†: 1. When your children…

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Sarah’s story: “I probably wouldn’t have finished school…”

Sarah was just 12 years old when her mom died on Christmas Day. After that, she never wanted to celebrate Christmas. She was mad at God and the world. She had no interest in school and she frequently missed classes. When Sarah became pregnant at age 15, she lost interest in school altogether, and when her…

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