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A Heavenly Feast!

The Great Feast Food is very special to people and it has been used for centuries to show caring, respect, sensitivity  and love. In the Bible, the Lord equated heaven to a great feast with a table of fellowship and a table to celebrate milestones. And when we celebrate together over a holiday meal, we…

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9 Bible Verses To Equip Your Kids for School

Each new school year brings exciting opportunities and new challenges for our kids and grandkids. Whether you have a first grader afraid of math or a teenager navigating the complex world of social media, having the Word of God at hand is a great way to be prepared. Here are 9 helpful verses to share…

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Summer Fashions & Modesty

Summer Fashions & Modesty: 3 Tips for Talking To Teens (without the eye roll) When I look at old pictures of myself in family photo albums I often wonder, what I was thinking when I chose certain outfits. In my generation, halter tops and hip huggers with stack heels were the fashion themes of the…

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The Social Media Gateway to Guns and Gangs

The mom was distraught. She asked me, “What could I have done to keep my child safe?” The problem was, there were many things she could have done to keep her son protected on social media, but she was asking the question way too late. For years, her son had a social media account that…

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3 Ways Parents Can Combat Social Media Bullying

  Bullies are not new. They’ve been around since Genesis, when Joseph’s brothers threw him in a pit then sold him into slavery. But for today’s kids, bullying has become even more devastating, because social media has turned bullying into a full-time, 24/7 attack. The bullies are getting into your home. When we were growing…

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