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Bethel Bible Village Inspiration

Finding Faith during Times of Change

Last week was a time of transition for my own family, as well as our Bethel family.   My wife Cindy and I got to welcome home our son Jordan, an Army Corporal, who served nine months in Iraq and Kuwait as part of Operation Inherent Resolve. He now has a busy summer ahead stateside…

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The Little Things that Mean the Most

They were just two flowers from our yard. Some people would call them “weeds.” Yet for Celia, one of our House Parents, the flowers were priceless gifts from two of the boys in her care. “It’s the little things,” Celia said with a smile.   The boys’ gifts remind me of the poor widow in Mark…

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The Greatest are Those Who Serve

Bill’s electric scooter was sitting in our barn, along with his wooden cane. The early morning light caught the gold lettering on the front of his Bible, which he’d used a few minutes before, for his morning devotion. But Bill was long gone. Soon after sunup, he was riding atop our campus mower and waving…

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How Does Heaven Look To You?

What do you think of when you picture Heaven? How about a magical and squishy place with pink skies and cloud houses? No, me neither. But those are some of the ways children describe paradise, in the video Heaven: according to kids. The video and its featured song “On the Outskirts of Heaven,” are from…

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Bringing Friends To Jesus

Their friend was paralyzed and confined to a mat. They heard Jesus was down the street, but with such a large crowd around the building, they had no way to get their friend in to see Him. So what did they do? It’s an amazing scene, when you think about it. They climbed up on…

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The Power of Kindness

There’s a saying making the rounds of the Internet today that urges us to “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” While it has gained a lot of modern popularity, it was first penned by the Rev. John Watson, who was born in 1850. Rev. Watson (who sometimes used the pen…

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The Empty Room

By Celia Culbertson, Bethel House Parent To most, you see an empty room, nothing special or unique. What you don’t see is the story behind this “empty” room. You see today one of my boys is going home for good. He slept in this room for the last time last night. You all see an…

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