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WRCB-TV Highlights Truist Gift to Bethel

Bethel Bible Village recently received funding from Truist Financial Corporation as part of its Lighthouse Project program. The funds were used to replace 13 major household appliances. The appliances include four washers, four dryers, two refrigerators, a wall oven and a gas range. These are used daily in the residential cottages that house youth overcoming…

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Talking to kids about distressing news events

7 Tips for Parents Recent events in the news have been difficult for many of us to process. The images and video can be disturbing even for adults, but what about our children? We’re seeing children who feel confused, overwhelmed, sad, frightened and even angry. And they may have no idea how to express to…

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Truist Brings Christmas Blessing to Bethel

Bethel Receives 13 Major Appliances  With eight youth in each cottage, new appliances called “a much-needed blessing” Chattanooga, TN, December 15, 2020 — Bethel Bible Village announced today that it received funding from Truist Financial Corporation as part of its Lighthouse Project program to purchase 13 major household appliances. The Lighthouse Project is a long-standing…

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The #UNselfish reasons people support Bethel

What’s your #UNselfie? Every year on social media, people tell the world why they support the causes they care about by sharing an #UNselfie photo or Giving Tuesday.  Unlike a typical selfie, an UNselfie is the unselfish reason that people support a cause they love. Take your #UNselfie and send it to Bethel and we’ll…

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Create Safe Circles for COVID-19

Socializing during COVID-19 can be scary for families who want to keep their kids safe. How can you allow your kids and teens some social time while minimizing risk? Bethel expert Danielle Miller, MSW, has tips on how to create “safe circles” for your children during this pandemic.

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Helping Kids Through Trauma

How are kids reacting to COVID-19 and the traumatic events of 2020? Many seem fine at first but begin to act out over time. Tips for parents on the signs of childhood trauma and ways they can help their children cope.

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Kyle’s Story

Kyle was a mystery. He stopped communicating. He wasn’t learning. He was skipping school. His mom turned to Bethel to unravel the mystery and work with him to change his life. His story is inspiring!

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Mackenzie’s Story: A Life Changed

She is a sweet young mom with a beautiful heart. It’s brave for her to share her story publicly but Mackenzie hopes to inspire other girls who make a poor decision, have their life go out of control, and are looking for a light to lead them out of the darkness. As a teen, Mackenzie…

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New Retreat Helps Families Reconnect

Bethel has expanded its ministry to the community in 2019 with a new weekend retreat called Family Steps. Families often come to Bethel at a point of crisis. They have reached a point where they can no longer function or communicate effectively as a family. Although they have tried counseling, they still need more help,…

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Raising Children During a Health Crisis

Her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer when their twin boys were just 12 years old. Scottie Summerlin share tips for families in a health crisis.

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