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Bethel Bible Village Success Stories

Ava’s Story: A Journey from Rage to Joy

At age 11, Ava’s mom was in jail. She had never known her dad. And her grandmother was struggling to raise Ava and several other grandchildren. Going through childhood without parents made Ava angry, and over time, that anger escalated into rage. A rage so uncontrollable, that her grandmother felt she couldn’t care for Ava…

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Maleya’s Story: Surviving a Family Battle

Maleya was a young girl caught in the crossfire of a highly contentious custody battle. While her relatives all loved her, they could not make peace with each other. The family estrangement, constant fighting and custody issues made her lose trust in the adults in her life. She also developed a high level of anxiety…

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Austin’s Story: From Rebellion to Responsibility

Minus a Father, He “Despised Authority” Austin has not seen his father since he was a small boy. And by the time he was 16, he had no interest in finding him. At this rebellious stage of his life, his father would be just another authority figure, and Austin had zero respect for anyone in…

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Christopher’s Family: “Our Bethel Miracle”

“Let me tell you about this miracle right here,” wrote Buffy, a mom whose son recently completed the “Back on Track” program at Bethel. “Chris and I were heartbroken and felt hopeless about what we needed to do with our oldest son Christopher. He was headed down a bad road and we needed help.” We…

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Tyraena shows her graduation certificate
Tyraena’s Story: Finding a Way Back Home

Photo: Tyraena beams as she accepts her certificate of completion from House Parent Missy Smith and Social Worker Shannon Hartin. When Tyraena started middle school, she was eager to meet people and make new friends. She was shocked when her “so-called” friends began to bully her, and she didn’t know where to turn. “The bullies…

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Jenna’s Story: A Family United

(Note: The names in this story have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.) Jenna was living at Bethel the day she started kindergarten.  It was here that she lost her first tooth and learned her ABC’s. But now, as she is getting ready to turn 7, Jenna is saying good-bye to Bethel,…

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Teona’s Story: A Pregnant Teen Finds Hope in Crisis

For Teona, childhood was a place of darkness. Gangs and drugs ran rampant in her neighborhood. Her mom was not able to take care of her and she was abused. Then, she became pregnant. “My guardian never let me see my family, and I was living in a terrible place that was bad for me,”…

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JaVaughn’s Story: Leaving Drugs and Trouble Behind

JaVaughn doesn’t pull any punches when he talks about the issues that brought him to Bethel. “I didn’t like authority figures, had trust issues, was on drugs, and in trouble,” he says. But there were other factors that led him there.  “I was the only son left at home with my mom and felt I…

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