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Bethel Bible Village Success Stories

Allen’s Story: Ready To Give Up

At age 12, Allen Green was ready to give up on life. He had dropped out of school and run away. The statistics would say he had no chance for a future. Allen wound up at Bethel Bible Village, where his House Parents, Floyd and Deborah Richardson, introduced him to a Christ-centered and purpose-driven approach…

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LeAnn’s story: Bethel Was My Saving Grace

Photos: LeAnn as a child at Bethel, seated at left, and today with her husband of 18 years.   She was a beautiful little girl with a dreamy smile. But she was living in a nightmare of abuse, and neglect that left her severely traumatized. “Bethel saved me from a life of abuse,” LeAnn recalled. “Every…

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Latisha’s Story: A Great Life Began at Bethel

When Latisha was 6 years old, her mom succumbed to a mental illness and lost the ability to care for her. “We had no running water or electricity or food in the house. I only ate when I was at school” Latisha recalled. “I didn’t know other kids didn’t live that way.” It was a…

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Adam’s Story: From Crisis To Country Songwriter

As a boy, Adam Conner was raised by his loving grandparents because his mother was not able to take care of him. “Then, my grandfather passed away when I was 6, leaving just my ‘Ma’am Maw’ to raise me,” Adam recalls. “She did the best she could, but eventually, she had to go to a nursing…

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Teen Mom in Crisis Buys a Home of Her Own

When Tisha came to Bethel several years ago, she was a young pregnant teen with no home and no relatives who could care for her.  Although she was anxious about her future, she was determined to finish high school and find a career so she could provide for herself and her baby girl. In 2016,…

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Austin’s Story: From Rebellion to Responsibility

Minus a Father, He “Despised Authority” Austin has not seen his father since he was a small boy. And by the time he was 16, he had no interest in finding him. At this rebellious stage of his life, his father would be just another authority figure, and Austin had zero respect for anyone in…

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Tyraena shows her graduation certificate
Tyraena’s Story: Finding a Way Back Home

Photo: Tyraena beams as she accepts her certificate of completion from House Parent Missy Smith and Social Worker Shannon Hartin. When Tyraena started middle school, she was eager to meet people and make new friends. She was shocked when her “so-called” friends began to bully her, and she didn’t know where to turn. “The bullies…

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JaVaughn’s Story: Leaving Drugs and Trouble Behind

JaVaughn doesn’t pull any punches when he talks about the issues that brought him to Bethel. “I didn’t like authority figures, had trust issues, was on drugs, and in trouble,” he says. But there were other factors that led him there.  “I was the only son left at home with my mom and felt I…

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