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Christopher’s Story: The Table Love Built

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His home had no kitchen table. It was something 16-year-old Christopher never really thought about until he came to stay at Bethel during a rough patch in life and a broken relationship with his family.

Christopher told his House Parents, Stacey and Scott Ruggles, that one of the things he liked best about Bethel was the way everyone sat down to have dinner together as a family.


Prayers before dinner at a Bethel Cottage kitchen table


“He told us his own family has never been able to do that at home, because they didn’t even have a kitchen table,” Stacey says.

Stacey found out that Christopher’s mom wanted a farm table for her kitchen, and suggested it might be a good project for Christopher to work on with Scott, who he affectionately called “Pops.”

Working in the Bethel wood shop with Pops 


Creating a Blessing
As they worked with the wood, Christopher said he felt a connection to his real dad, who cuts wood for a living. He also began to get excited about presenting the table to his mom.

After the table was built, Christopher added a finishing touch, a blessing he inscribed in the bottom:

“God bless the family beside us
The love between us
And the food in front of us.”



A Forever Memory
Needless to say, his mom was surprised. “She loved it,” Christopher says with a big smile.

Best of all, Christopher was able to finish his program at Bethel, get caught up on his education, and be reunited with his family. A family blessed with healing, hope, and all the joy that can fit around the table that love built.


Christopher and his family have a celebration dinner around the table that love built

His mom shared a bit about this miracle at Christopher’s Blessing Ceremony, shown in this video.


“Let me tell you about this miracle right here,” Buffy notes with tears of joy. “A year ago, Chris and I were heartbroken and felt hopeless about what to do with our oldest son Christopher. He was headed down a bad road and we needed help.”

“As a parent, it is hard to admit that your child needs more than you can provide, even though people always say ‘It takes a village to raise a child,'” Buffy notes. “But we did admit it, and we found that help through a village that gave us more hope than we could have imagined.”

The Rollins Family was featured in a special video shown at the Bethel Country Connection in April of 2018.,/span>

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