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Father’s Day Tips from Bethel Dads

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Fatherhood is a noble calling, whether you are a biological father, an adoptive or step father, or just play a fatherly role in a child’s life. How can you make a meaningful difference? Our campus experts share their wisdom and tips.

Find the Right Balance

Bethel House Parent Billy Ward
Always be firm but loving.
Be willing to listen.
Have a playful side.
Always be encouraging them to do their best.
Love them no matter what.


Billy Ward and his wife Sonja are House Parents in Williams Cottage, Bethel’s home for teen moms and their babies.



Advice for Future Fathers

Randy and Elana Speicher


The best thing you can do for your future children is to marry the right woman. My wife Elana is truly a gift from God.


She has made our home loving, kind, forgiving, funny, and patient, as she lets Jesus shine through in everything she does. Our kids will agree with this!


Randy Speicher, our Director of Facilities, grew up at Bethel and his parents were House Parents for many years. Elana’s parents were Bethel House Parents as well.


Make Priceless Memories 

Marc and Tessa Cadet


As kids grow, their lives are made of moments that they experience and remember. They cannot be retrieved once they have passed. Time is selfish in that way.


Therefore, it’s important for you to give your little ones positive experiences that, as the years go by, they can tell in stories with joy. Like these memories, from my own childhood:


“I remember when my father used to stay up late with all the family and tell us stories under the bright star-lit sky!”


“I remember, in Haiti, when my father would help me make soccer balls out of balloons and tons of strings from carpets.”


This Father’s Day is a priceless opportunity to create treasured moments to be remembered.


Marc Cadet and his wife Tessa are House Parents in McCallie Cottage, where they live with their two daughters and eight Bethel boys.