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Help for Teen Moms in Crisis

A Program for Pregnant Teens and Teen Moms

The Promise First Step program is a safe haven for pregnant teens and parenting teen moms in crisis. The program is open to teens age 15-17, and their children, from newborn to 5 years old. The goal of the program is to equip young mothers to provide loving, safe, and nurturing homes for their children, as they work toward self-sufficiency and independence.

Our teen moms learn important parenting skills, and are able to complete their education at Bethel Christian Academy, our on-campus school.With classes sizes of 3 to 12 students, students receive personalized attention that allows them to catch up in school and earn a high school diploma. They also may be employed in part-time off-campus jobs, as they work toward self-sufficiency.

Living Arrangements
Each young mom lives on campus in a family-style living home, with other teen moms and their children. Each mom has a private bedroom and bathroom to share with her child. Houseparents live in the home and provide daily guidance, supervision, care and accountability.

A Full Range of Services
Our social workers develop an individual program plan that focuses on spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional needs and growth with each of the program participants, as well as arrange for counseling and other services required for success. Families are encouraged to participate in family counseling, visit and call consistently, attend all meetings and parent education classes, and maintain contact with houseparents and social workers.

Family Contact
Families visit and call their young moms on a regulare basis. In addition, families attend all meetings, counseling sessions, and parent education classes, and maintain contact with houseparents and social workers.

Campus Amenities
The Bethel Bible Village campus includes family-style homes on a 64-acre campus, with plenty of opportunities for the physical exercise and fresh air. Our campus features a gymnasium, basketball court, playground for young children, tennis courts and plenty of green spaces.

Our campus school includes a gymnasium and library. While many people know our campus by the small iconic chapel near the front entrance, the  teen moms in our care attend Sunday services at neighboring churches of various denominations with their houseparents.

This application packet contains all the information you need to get started. Once the application has been submitted, our Admissions staff will carefully consider the information and determine if the child or teen is accepted for placement at Bethel Bible Village.

For more information, contact our Director of Admissions.