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Two Families, One Dream: How They Left a Legacy of Hope

He was a barber and landlord and she was a school teacher with a strong heart for education.

Unable to have children of their own,  Howard and Marie Russell wanted to leave a lasting legacy that would help children for many years to come.

When they consulted with their attorney, he said they could make the most difference by leaving their estate to Bethel Bible Village.

A Blessing for Many

So it was fitting that the funds they left to Bethel helped build Bethel’s campus learning center for children, which today is our campus school, Bethel Christian Academy. Over the years, the Russells’ legacy gift has multiplied many times, blessing hundreds of students living at Bethel who need to catch up on their education as they overcome crisis.

Years later, the school building needed renovation. Another hero, named B.H. Yerbey, stepped in with a gift for Bethel, shortly before he passed away. His legacy lives on through the school’s science lab and modernized classrooms. Now, both of these families are inspiring others to make a difference.

Doing the Most Good

If you want to leave a legacy for children in crisis, Planned giving is the answer. It allows you to include this kind of generous giving with your overall financial, tax, and estate planning goals.

Other opportunities for planned giving include:

  • Gifts of appreciated stock
  • Charitable IRA distributions
  • Donations of vehicles, homes or property that can be sold to benefit Bethel

Getting started is as simple as picking up the phone. Call your attorney or financial advisor today to find out how you can be a hero for hope and for children in crisis. It’s a gift that makes a difference in this world and into eternity, as more children find hope in Jesus Christ.

For more information on legacy gifts or other planned giving opportunities, contact Harriet Brunker at 423-842-5757, ext. 1-220 or

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