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Let Your Light Shine Online

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By Kevin Beirne

President, Bethel Bible Village

Kevin has led Bethel Bible Village since February, 2016. He previously held executive leadership roles with Boy Scouts of America for over 26 years. A graduate of Austin Peay State University, Kevin is an active member of Eastwood Church and a Director of his Rotary Club of Chattanooga-Hamilton Place. At home, he is a devoted husband and father to two sons.

“…Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 NIV

I have to admit, I wasn’t one of the early fans of social media. I wondered what could be worthwhile about a platform that seemed to attract so many angry rants, haters and “trolls,” who were out to damage others.

But I have come to realize that social media is just a tool. It’s a tool that can be used for good or evil. Social media allows Christians to be positive influencers in the darkness of today’s digital world. And it gives us the power to be the “light of the world” Jesus commanded us to be.

Brighter Than the Stars

A few years ago, a Twitter researcher set out to find out which people were the powerhouse influencers on Twitter. He was sure that professional athletes, politicians or Hollywood stars would lead the pack.

Instead, he found that the highest levels of retweets and replies came in response to people Twitter’s staff had never heard of: People like Joyce Meyer, Max Lucado and Andy Stanley.

In fact, The New York Times reported that inspirational messages about God’s love performed about 30 times as well as Twitter messages from performers like Lady Gaga.

The practical advice of Proverbs, it turns out, is among the most popular posts.

Making a Difference

So, there’s nothing wrong with sharing a video of your Grumpy Cat or adorable toddler. But the next time you are online, think about sharing an inspirational message as well. If you are looking for something  to share, follow Bethel on TwitterFacebook or Instagram and you’ll find something every Wednesday.

It’s true that only Jesus can change the world. But by sharing His Word, we can spread His light in places of darkness. Your post can  possibly change a life for someone longing to find the light.

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