Mills Cottage Pounding

Help us Welcome a Family in Crisis to Bethel


When families experience a financial crisis, life can quickly turn upside down. They need a way to make a fresh start, regroup their finances and find affordable housing that keeps the family together in a safe place for the children. That’s why Bethel offers Next Step, a quiet street of cottages on our campus where families or single parents in crisis can find healing and guidance as they return to independence.


This month, we are readying Mills Cottage for the arrival of a family with children. We’d like your help to stock the cottage for them with essential kitchenware, bedding and cleaning supplies. (The Quakers call this a “pounding.”)


Find Out More About Mills Cottage and Bethel’s Next Step Families


What The Incoming Family Needs

Click on the supply list to see the Mills Pounding Supply List PDF

(Any item crossed out in red are already being provided.)




What’s a Pounding?

The tradition of “pounding” traces its roots back to the Quakers, when the church members would bring newlyweds “a pound of” flour, sugar, and other necessities needed to stock their pantry. More recently churches have adopted the custom to stock the cupboards for new pastors and their families.

At Bethel, we have adopted this tradition to stock the cupboards for families in crisis who are starting life afresh in one of our Next Step cottages. The supplies on the list are for specific needs, from measuring cups to bedspreads and sheets. 


How Can I Help?

Just fill out this quick form and let us know which items you plan to donate. Then, bring the items to Bethel anytime in the next week.