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New Retreat Helps Families Reconnect

By Robin Moss

Director of Therapeutic Programs

Robin Moss is a Tennessee state Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 25 years experience working with children, youth, and families. Robin completed her graduate studies at Washington University’s top ranked George Warren Brown School of Social Work in St. Louis in 1998. Robin has many years of experience providing therapeutic services, along with advocacy, program development, and supervision in nonprofit settings. Robin began her work at Bethel Bible Village in February 2008 and was promoted to her position as Director of Therapeutic Programs in June of 2012. She and her husband, Jon, have two daughters.

Bethel has expanded its ministry to the community in 2019 with a new weekend retreat called Family Steps.

Families often come to Bethel at a point of crisis. They have reached a point where they can no longer function or communicate effectively as a family. Although they have tried counseling, they still need more help, additional resources and some kind of intervention.

As we listened to these families, as well as pastors and educators in our community, the message we have heard has been clear. Families are struggling and need help! So we developed our Family Steps Retreat weekends as a solution.

Keeping Families Together

Many people know Bethel by our residential program, which places troubled children or teens in homes on our campus. During that time, families gets help from social workers, counselors and other experts. But not every family feels ready to admit their child for full-time residential care. 

Family Steps offers an alternative. The Retreats allow families to spend an intensive weekend together rather than having children leave the home.

Over the weekend, families learn strategies for functioning more effectively as a family. And they spend refreshing time together and have an opportunity for reflection and prayer. This program can actually help some families avoid the need for residential care. 

The weekend includes both fun activities and instructional sessions. Family members get to bond together, develop an understanding for each other, and practice being a family again.

Boundaries and Communication Strategies

The goals of the program are to:

  1. Define and develop family structure, boundaries, and positive discipline
  2. Build strong family communications and relationships
  3. Equip families with tools to address individual needs
  4. Increase Christian spiritual development as a family

Some of the instructional sessions involve the entire family. Others are breakout sessions for kids and adults separately.

Personalized Weekend Programs

Bethel will only accept one or two families for each retreat weekend, so the materials and instruction will be personalized for their specific needs.

The most powerful thing about the weekend is that it is built on a foundation of Jesus Christ and based on biblical principles. You can read more about Family Steps here.

If you know a family that is struggling, I invite you to refer them to me to learn more about the program and how we can help. ­­­