Next Step Program Guidelines

Is Next Step Right for Me?

To be considered for the Next Step Program at Bethel, you need to meet the following admission criteria:

1. You have lost your housing or are at imminent risk of losing your housing.

2. You are either a single-parent or a married couple 18 years old or older with one or more children. Please note that Next Step cannot provide housing for:

— Unmarried couples

— Adult children 21 years of age or older

— Any family member who is unwilling to participate with the program requirements

3. Your children must be legally dependent on you, still residing with you, and younger than 20 years old.

4. You need to be committed to work closely to gain financial independence and strengthen your family by working with Bethel staff, as well as  program partners, such as Parents are First Teachers.

5. You will need to successfully pass reference checks and background checks, including fingerprinting.

6. You cannot have a history of violent or certain types of criminal charges, to be evaluated case-by-case prior to admission.

7. You need to be willing to engage in Christian spiritual growth opportunities through church and community partners. Bethel is not associated with any specific denomination, but we can help you find a church home where you will feel comfortable through our many church partners in the community..

8. You must be willing and able to secure verifiable/sustainable income within a specified time period. Bethel can help you with this.

9. You need to be able to pay a $275 deposit upon admission to the program and a $42 fingerprinting fee for each adult member of your family.

10. You must agree to pay a monthly fee to help with program costs, however there is no fee for the first full month in the program, there is no fee.

— There is a $50 fee for the second and third  $50.00 per month.

— The fee is $100 per month for the rest of your stay in Next Step.

11. You must be willing and able to pass a substance abuse test and submit proof of this before you can move into Next Step housing. If you have a history of prior drug use, you will be required to submit to random screens thereafter.

12. You need to have appropriate care set up for your children when you are working or not able to care for them.

13. You need to have your own transportation.

14. You cannot be currently in need of mental health stabilization services.

15. Next Step homes are furnished and residents may bring only a limited amount of  items into the homes. If you have any furniture, bulk items and/or excessive clothing (more than you can put in a closet and dresser) you will need to have a place to store them while you complete the Next Step program.

16. You cannot be considered for the program until you have filled out the application and all supporting documentation.


If you are willing and able to agree with these terms then we encourage you to apply for admission.


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