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Praying for Texas: Deliver Us from Evil

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The violence that rocked a tiny church in Sutherland Springs, Texas this past weekend has people everywhere asking the same troubled questions.  “How can we stop this?” “What is causing it?”

The Bible tells us that the root cause of the trouble in our world is evil. Pure evil. And our best and only weapon against evil is prayer.

In Matthew 6, Jesus told us when we pray to ask specifically that God deliver us from evil. In light of all that is going on in our world, that has never been a more relevant prayer.


One Boys’ Prayer

On days like this, I am thankful that Bethel is a Christ-centered ministry. We do not receive government funding, so we have no restrictions barring us from prayer in our school and in our cottages. We are able to pray with our kids after events like the Texas tragedy, as well as any violent events they may have witnessed in their own lives.

Billy, one of our young teens, lost a cousin to gun violence. It has left him quiet, a boy of few spoken words. But when asked to write about what he is thankful for, he wrote this eloquent response:

“I am thankful … for the daily devotions we are taught, I am thankful for the lessons we are given on how to strengthen our relationship with Christ, I am thankful for the food that is provided for us, And I am thankful for the safe Christian environment we are placed in.”


Safe from the Storm

In these violent times, it is hard for a young boy whose own family has been rocked by violence to feel safe.

Thank you for all you do for Bethel and the kids and families we serve. With your support, Billy and other children like him can have a safe haven for healing and hope.

Kevin Beirne, President

Bethel Bible Village

 A note on the children in our care: When we share stories about Bethel kids, we protect their privacy by using an alias name. That means you can share this email with a friend with no concern of sharing confidential information.


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