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Programs for Children, Teens and Families

Today’s families are under attack more than ever before. Thanks to Bethel Bible Village, they do not have to walk through tough challenges alone. Bethel Bible Village offers five Christ-centered programs, ranging from a weekend retreat to full-time residential care:


Back on Track — Help for Boys with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges

The Back on Track program provides residential care for boys ages 14-17 who have difficulty managing emotions and behavior. The program is designed for youth exhibiting some delinquency, including runaways and those with out-of-control, defiant or minor criminal behavior, such as vandalism, curfew violation, truancy, or theft.

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Family Steps — A Weekend Retreat for Families Who are Struggling

Families today face many challenges as they raise children.  This intensive retreat will help your family get the root causes that are undermining family relationships and triggering negative behaviors. Your family will  learn valuable communication, relationship skills and spiritual truths to help work through areas of conflict.

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Children in Crisis: Life Steps Program for Girls and Boys 5-17

The Life Steps program provides on-campus living for girls and boys age 5-17, when:

  • A youth’s behavioral or emotional issues have become too difficult for a family or guardian to handle, or
  • Parental addiction, abuse or neglect, or death of a parent leave a child with no one able to care for them, or
  • A legal guardian, often a grandparent, has a health issue or other challenge that leaves them unable to care for children

Children are supervised by House Parents who live in the homes and provide care, structure, supervision, guidance and accountability.

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Pregnant Teens and Teen Moms in Crisis: Promise First Step Program

Bethel has a cottage on campus just for pregnant teens and young teen moms in crisis . The program is open to teens age 15-17, and their children, from newborn to 5 years old. The goal of the program is to equip young mothers to provide loving, safe, and nurturing homes for their children. Participants learn parenting and independent living skills, while working to fulfill educational goals. They often work part-time as they learn to be self-sufficient and live independently.

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Next Step — Helping Families in Crisis Transition to Independence

Next Step is a transitional program for families with children and single parents who are in a temporary housing crisis and need a place to live for a short time. Next Step provides an excellent opportunity for families to stay together while they regroup financially, grow spiritually and get equipped with the skills they need to lead a sustainable, independent life.

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Through these Christ-focused programs, our houseparents, counselors, social workers and teachers help children reach their God-given potential. We help families reunite or remain together, whenever possible. Unlike foster care, parents or legal guardians do not have to turn custody of the children over to the state when their children are cared for at Bethel. The family maintains custody, and Bethel works directly with the court system to ensure a smooth transition.


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