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A Hunger for Knowledge and Thirst for Wisdom

Marc Cadet

Bethel House Parent at McCallie Cottage

Marc Cadet and his wife Tessa are House Parents in Bethel's McCallie cottage. They provide residential care for as many as eight boys at a time, and have two young daughters of their own. Marc, who grew up in Haiti, enjoys blogging about the special and everyday moments in McCallie as their boys make the journey to healing and hope.

Here at McCallie Cottage, every day presents an opportunity to nourish our boys’ minds, bodies, and souls.  They have an endless thirst for knowledge that fuels their curiosity, so conversation at the dinner table is never dull.

Our boys are naturally curious about the different social constructs that exist in our society, the religious beliefs of the world, and just the inner workings of life in general. Our McCallie Cottage ‘family’ is very diverse and I am Haitian, so questions of culture are very common (especially after I cook a Haitian meal).

Another way our boys’ curiosity is satisfied is through devotion. It is during that time that we meet as a family to be vulnerable, give advice, and learn of God. This particular time is coveted by our boys.



Tessa Cadet, Marc’s wife and partner in House Parenting, shares a devotion.


Professional Help

To further satisfy my boys’ curiosity, I requested assistance from the professionals in our community. I reached out to Chattanooga’s finest, Sgt. Scott Bales, to present information on his profession in criminal justice to our boys. He expertly navigated the ins and outs of police work in its entirety. Everyone was engaged in the conversation.  My boys had a myriad of questions for him, and he had the answers. They were as happy as trees planted near a stream.



Plenty of questions for Sgt. Scott Bales from the Chattanooga Police Department. 


No Flat Tire Goes To Waste

A few days after Sgt. Bale’s presentation, I wanted to teach the boys how to change a flat tire on a car and explain the mechanics of the tire. I knew if I taught this lesson, I would only get as far as the basics of changing a tire, because I don’t have much mechanical knowledge. So again, I needed a professional. I am inclined to believe that the Lord wanted this particular class to occur because I had a flat tire over the weekend!

Come Monday, I drove all of the boys to the location of my car to meet a professional who changes tires on behalf of my insurance company. My suspicions of the Lord’s hand were confirmed when the gentleman chose to spend about one hour teaching my boys how to change a tire and how all the parts around it work.


A hands-on lesson in tires and wheels.



A Place for You

I am thankful that God sends many people to help us as we care for the boys in McCallie Cottage. What wisdom or skill would you like to share? Knowing that our boys are as hungry for food as for wisdom, some visitors bring a Cottage Dinner and spend the evening with us. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us.