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When Families Reach the End of Their Rope

David Shinn

Director of Admissions

David is Bethel's Director of Admissions. He has helped children and families in crisis at Bethel since 2005. He has a BA in Child and Family Development, and a MA in Counseling. Previously, David worked for an agency providing therapeutic foster care services and as an intensive in-home counselor. David is married, with three children, and his family attends City Church in Chattanooga.

How To Get Teen Boys Back on Track

In our admission office, the typical first phone call sounds something like this:

“I am at the end of my rope and I don’t know what to do! I have tried everything, but I can’t get through to him.”

The calls often come from single parents, grandparents or legal guardians who are overwhelmed trying to raise a teen-aged boy in their home. They may be referred to Bethel by a counselor, social worker, someone who is familiar with Bethel, or Juvenile Court. Bethel’s Back on Track program is often just the help they need.

Here are some common scenarios:

For Jared, it was anger and defiance. He was being raised by his grandmother, who loved him very much, but Jared was angry that his parents had never been there for him. He had no respect for authority, got involved with a bad crowd and wound up in juvenile court.

For Malik, it was his mother’s drug addiction. Malik was acting as the grown-up in the house and taking care of his siblings. He started skipping school and getting in trouble with the law. 

For Dan, it was not fitting in at school. He was small for his age, and was often mocked and bullied. So he shut down and stopped going to school, and by the time his single mom found out, he was already considered beyond hope of graduating. (But he earned his diploma with special help at Bethel!)

For Jorge, it was behavioral and emotional problems that caused constant strife at school and at home. Jorge disrupted family life so often, it left no time for his grandparents to spend normal “family time” with his younger siblings.

While each situation is different, the people caring for these boys often share a common concern: They feel they need a miracle to be able to turn these boys around to become educated, self-sustaining young men with a positive path for the future.

Why Families Turn to Bethel Bible Village
Bethel offers the most comprehensive solution in the tristate region to help teen boys get back on track, including:

RESIDENTIAL CARE — Boys live in family-style homes, called “cottages,” on our 64-acre campus, with House Parents who provide a balance of structure and caring supervision.

EDUCATION — Boys attend school at Bethel Christian Academy, our accredited campus school. With small classes and personalized instruction from certified teachers, they can earn accredited high school credits and diplomas. The school is open to Bethel residents in grades 6-12.

RESOURCES — Each boy is assigned a social worker, who coordinates all areas of his care, and a counselor who is onsite in our campus school.

FAMILY SUPPORT — Bethel works closely with family members and legal guardians to help navigate issues and reunify the family whenever possible.

NUTRITION — Bethel provides three nutritious meals a day, thanks to donors who host food drives, bring in fresh-grown vegetables or donate funds for groceries.

SPIRITUALITYAt Bethel, we see teens grow and thrive in our Christ-centered program. Bethel teaches Christian values and encourages teens to form a personal relationship with Jesus, but this decision is not forced in any way. Bethel is nondenominational. We accept teens from any walk of faith, as well as those who have not been in church at all.

Thanks to the Heroes for Hope who donate to Bethel, no one is turned away due to financial constraints.


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† All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the boys and their families. Some scenarios reflect the stories of multiple individuals.