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Teen Mom in Crisis Buys a Home of Her Own

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When Tisha came to Bethel several years ago, she was a young pregnant teen with no home and no relatives who could care for her.  Although she was anxious about her future, she was determined to finish high school and find a career so she could provide for herself and her baby girl.

In 2016, Tisha completed her program at Bethel and realized her ultimate dream: buying her own home with her hard-earned pay.

Hard work and a Hand Up

“If it wasn’t for Bethel, I know I would not have finished high school or college, because I would not have had the help that they gave me,” Tisha says, excited to step into life as a homeowner and working mom. “Without Bethel, I would not have been able to work, because I would not have had someone to take care of my baby while I worked after being in school all day.”

Tisha was the first teen mom to graduate high school at Bethel Christian Academy, Bethel’s campus school. Then, she and her baby daughter moved into Bethel’s Next Step residential program, so they would still have a safe place to live on campus while Tisha worked and finished her education..

Life Changing Life Skills

In the Next Step program, teen moms no longer have House Parents, but they stay connected to the Bethel family through a House Monitor, and pay a small amount of rent as they learn to become self-sustaining single moms.

Tisha attended Chattanooga State to earn her welding certificate, and saved, saved, saved for her future.

She says that Bethel helped her with other important skills as well.

“Bethel taught me to be a better parent to my child,” Tisha notes. “They helped me get involved with parenting classes, and taught me independent living and budgeting skills.”

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