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Trusting God in “The Blob” Moments

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Image: Veronica and her Bethel friends learned to lean on God and each other at Doe River Gorge camp this summer.


Have you ever known that being outside could bring you closer to God?

Well it can because, at Doe River Gorge camp, everything I did had to do with either trusting God or my relationship with God.

The biggest thing at camp that I had trusting issues with was, believe it or not, The Blob. This was my biggest problem because, when I went to blob someone, I blobbed them and myself. I bounced off and almost went under The Blob.


I had to pray and trust God that my life jacket would keep me afloat. Luckily there was a lifeguard right there to help me. God always puts the right person in the right place!

An Awesome Choice

Doe River Gorge was a life-changing experience for me because I never knew that being outside could open my eyes and encourage me to give my life to God. Finally, I made that decision and I was very proud. So, at Big Top (worship service) I gave my life to God. If I had not had the chance to go to Doe River Gorge I wouldn’t have made that awesome choice.

This experience will help me later in life because it tells me to never be afraid to take chances, because I may not be able to experience them again.

Get Outside!

Now I know that no matter what I do I can look to God for anything, because he’s always there. At Doe Rover Gorge, I had the time of my life. I gave my life to Christ, and now I feel like that put an impact on my life.

So, get outside and go build a better relationship with Christ. Besides, the outside is what God has made and he wants us to enjoy it while we can.

Veronica, Age 13


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