Bethel Bible Village
3001 Hamill Road Hixson, TN 37343
(423) 842-5757
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Who Does Bethel Serve?

Help for Many of Today’s Most Serious Challenges

Bethel Bible Village provides a home with caring House Parents for children and teens in these crisis situations:

  • Parents cannot raise children due to addiction or imprisonment
  • Pregnant teens and teen moms with no where to turn
  • At-risk youth with emotional or behavioral problems
  • Youth with juvenile delinquency or truancy issues
  • Gang intimidation or severe bullying
  • Grandparents struggling to raise grandchildren
  • An alternative to Foster Care or State Custody
  • ŸŸŸParents or guardians who have died


Help in a Temporary Housing Crisis

Bethel’s help does not end at age 18. We offer transitional housing for:

  • Teen moms who are not yet able to afford housing. They can continue their education and work to save money to become self-sufficient
  • Families or single parents who experience a sudden loss of housing due to job loss or other crises

While in transitional housing, residents pay a small amount of rent based on income, and get help rebuilding their finances, finding jobs and continuing education, if needed.


Hope for Families in Crisis

At Bethel, we serve not only children and teens, but their legal guardians and family members as well.

Our programs include counseling and social services. Whenever possible, we work toward reuniting families after a crisis.

When this is not a safe or possible alternative, teens who turn 18 at Bethel can pursue transitional housing opportunities while they complete their education and work to become self-sufficient.


A Bethel Family

Bethel is not just a facility, we are a family. Many children and teens who have spent time growing up at Bethel return to visit and stay in touch with their House Parents and our staff. Many have experienced landmark events while living on our campus, from losing a first tooth to earning a driver’s license.

We are blessed they still think of Bethel as “home.”