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Your Unique Ingredients

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What Every Child Needs To Hear

When my daughter was little we used to remind her she is “unique and radiant” in God’s eyes. She had some trouble remembering this phrase verbatim and eventually regurgitated it as “I am unique ingredients.”


She was right and the new description stuck. She often interprets the world very differently from her peers and sometimes gets confused by this aspect of her personality.


We continue to be the broken record reminding her it is not her job to be just like everyone else.  After all, she is made from “unique ingredients.”


It is easy for kids to fall victim to negative messages about their identity and “Whose” they are. So, we have to step up as warriors of truth continually equipping them for today’s battle. It is so exciting to watch them internalize this truth and send it back out to others.


When you see a child getting discouraged by false messages about their worth, do something special to remind them of God’s truths about who they are and “Whose” they are. Your words have weight and those messages have power. Our kids need that power to make the world a better place.


We need to remember this about ourselves, as well, so we have the “unique ingredients” we need to be strong role models for the next generation.



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